12 декабря 2022 Компоненты Битрикс

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29 ноября 2022 Список компонентов React Native

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TypeScript Developer

Remote possible

Job description:

For our team we are looking for individual performers — intelligent, strong, and capable of making decisions alone. But as a team, we must be able to stay friendly, respectful and supportive.

For this position, we are looking for an experienced ReactNative developer willing to led the mobile architecture, take part in establishing of CI/CD and API design.

Our stack:

AWS, Lambda, NodeJS/Express and React/Redux/React-Native, TypeScript across our REST API, PWA, mobile and proprietary bot engine.

Circle CI, Sentry, PingDom, Docker, Ansible, MongoDB Atlas, Elastic Search,Twilio, WhatsApp, Mailgun.

We're looking for:
  • Self-directed, egoless professionals focused on learning new stuff.
  • ES6 proficiency.
  • Experience with our stack or deep craving to learn some very quickly.
  • Eagerness to contribute on every level of our JS stack.
  • Can-do startup attitude (a must).
  • Engineers who can go deep, but appreciate the challenge of going broad (we have a growing stack: backend services, chatbots, mobile, web, data and analytics, infrastructure, recommendation engines, marketing systems).
  • Open source contributions or meetup/conference talks are a plus.
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