Development and support of any complexity


Nowadays, many who started out as a "web-design studio" are disown the word "studio" and rename themself.
Why? Because it is very widely popularized that it is necessary to do services for clients, and not to develop a product.
Project development using agile methodologies from $820
Lean Strategy or lean product development from $1640
Integration with various payment systems, including those specific to Western customers (PayPal, CyberSouce, iTransact) and payment by SMS from $4100


A good site with a good design is enough for 3-5 years, depending on the manufacturer. This is subject to the rules of operation.
The first three months after the launch of your project, the project manager is assigned to you, and is ready to deal with any issues that arise.
Preliminary estimation of labor input of works is carried out Included by default
Small, urgent tasks that "need to be done yesterday" are rated at a double rate from $660
If you have accumulated tasks with a volume of 40 hours or more, we will execute them as a stage of work, at the usual rate from $330

Acceleration of 1C-Bitrix

Define the appropriate options and make detailed instructions to solve problems with hosting or code.
As a result of the audit, we can rewrite all or part of your project and prepare for high loads.
Performance audit of 1C-Bitrix from $165
Partial rewriting of the project from $500
Complete rewriting of the project from $820

Data visualization

As you know, 90% of the information a person receives through sight and only 10% through the rest of the senses, including hearing.
In some cases, the speed of preparing visualization (translating digital data into a static image) is very important.
3D animated maps, graphs, charts from $980
Creation of static and dynamic information forms, tables, graphs, diagrams, histograms from $2460
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